For the third day in a row, I got up at 5:30 a.m.  Wednesday it was to work out; yesterday it was to drive to a conference; today it was to make it to my MRI on time.  And, indeed, I worked out and attended my conference.  However, I did not have my MRI.

The breast screening saga continues. 

I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get to the hospital today with morning traffic, so I left plenty of leeway and arrived about ten minutes early.  Adventure Guy met me there after he dropped Soccer Boy off at before school care.  I filled out the paperwork, and we took care of our deductible and copay. 

We were called back to the testing area, and I answered more questions (some multiple times) before I was told to get into the hospital gown and scrub pants.  We waited a few minutes before a new woman came in and asked me a question I thought pretty standard for someone about to enter a magnetic field: “When was the date of your last period?”

I figured I had this one down, thinking they wanted to ensure I wasn’t pregnant.  I reported the date.  To which she responded, “Oh, we need it to be seven to ten days after the start of your last period when we do the MRI.  Otherwise, the likelihood of a false positive increases.  We’ll need to reschedule.”

What I wanted to do was scream and  yell and stomp my feet about the fact that no one, not the doctor’s office nor the radiology department, during my long process of getting this test approved and appointment set up ever mentioned a need to coordinate with my cycle.  Not. Once.  What I really did was somewhat calmly reschedule for next Thursday.  And now I also have to call the doctor’s office and reschedule my follow up appointment.

So, I’ll keep you posted.  At this point, I’m wondering if I’ll have a real answer to this whole issue by the time I’m due to have my annual mammogram.  Considering the pace of this process, June isn’t that far away.



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4 responses to “Unbelievable

  1. Oh. My.

    They must be related to the dunderheads at my doctor’s office who never told me that I had to transport my own films between offices – and therefore I was also turned away from an appt and had to reschedule. I DID pitch a fit. Also told the doctor when I finally saw her what idiots she had in her front office.

    Gawd I am sorry you are going through the same kind of crap that I did.

  2. Calvin

    The dunderhead office staff is costing that facility plenty of money in false appointments. You would think that explaining the need for proper timing ot the appointment, at the time the appointment is scheduled, would be high up and written in bold on the training chart!

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