A Change Of Course

The tides turned both literally and figuratively for our last day in Belize.  After all the stress of Gym Girl’s encounter with the barbed wire fence last night, we slept in this morning, relaxing and hanging around the condo for brunch.  Her leg looked pretty good, considering, and we cleaned it again with hydrogen peroxide and dressed it with antibiotic cream just to be sure.

By the time we all got moving, Adventure Guy had conferred with the dive shop here and found out that conditions improved overnight–enough for us to make a last snorkeling trip to a place called Mexico Rocks.  It’s a nice, shallow area with coral outcroppings and plenty of fish.  One of my favorite sights of the day was the school of fish below.  They came out of nowhere and disappeared just as fast.  I was lucky to have my camera ready.


Gym Girl bravely went along on the first snorkel run, and the water didn’t bother her leg at first.  Unfortunately, it started stinging a bit toward the end of the swim.  Honestly, I think the salt water likely helped with cleansing the scrapes, but I know it hurt.  She opted not to join us at the next stop.

I wish she had, though, because we saw some of our best wildlife there, including a ray, a lobster, some sea anemones, and a nurse shark.  Soccer Boy really got into the snorkeling this time around after having been somewhat hesitant at the first of the week.  This shot made having the underwater option on our camera very worthwhile!


Speaking of cameras, I highly recommend the Olympus Stylus 790SW.  Adventure Guy picked ours up to take on his races, and it’s become our default camera.  It’s infinitely more portable than our digital Rebel, though I do miss the Rebel’s interchangeable lenses at times.  Plus, it’s waterproof and shockproof–perfect for this vacation!   

When we finished our snorkel trip, we cleaned up and then headed into town for some last-minute souvenir shopping and dinner at Elvi’s Kitchen.  The kids all found just what they wanted to take home for their friends, and we had a great dinner, both food and company-wise, at Elvi’s.  It was great to hear the kids all talk about their favorite moments of the last week and for us all to laugh and be a bit silly together.  It’s times like tonight when I know that the expense of getting away is worth it.  It’s too hard to put aside our day-to-day business when we’re at home and take time to really relax together.

Fortunately, we don’t have to be on a plane until noon tomorrow, so we’ll be able to have a leisurely morning of packing and preparing to leave.  I’m also looking forward to being home in Suburbia for Easter.

And speaking of Easter–Adventure Guy’s big disappointment of the day?  Missing out on the purchase of the Last Supper beach towel he saw on display on our way to dinner.  We stopped on the way back, but it had been sold!  Someone else has our Last Supper beach towel.  And it would have been so perfect to share with our Sunday school class.  Somehow, we’ll just have to try to bear up to the disappointment! 

But, other than Gym Girl’s injury and the missed beach towel opportunity, I’d say this vacation has been close to perfect.



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3 responses to “A Change Of Course

  1. choff5

    I have so enjoyed “being along” on your vacation. The pictures are wonderful. I’ve heard that Beliz is a beautiful place and I believe it. Now, it’s all back to reality next week, sooner than I’m ready for it too.

  2. ramblingmom

    So what were the final words said at the Last Supper??

    Okay, everyone that wants to be in the picture get on that side of the table

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