Watch Out For The Chihuahua


I figured out the other day that Adventure Guy and I met twenty years ago in February.  But even after all those years together, I find that I learn new things about him.  For instance, the combination of a pot hole laden dirt road and a golf cart brings out the Mario Andretti in him. 

Our plan for this vacation is to intersperse bigger activities amongst days focused primarily on relaxation.  Today brought relaxation day number two.  We slept late, and when I awoke, Adventure Guy greeted me with the news that he’d scheduled a massage for me in the spa at noon.  See why I like this guy?

While I spent 70 heavenly minutes getting about as relaxed as a person can be, Adventure Guy took the kids on a walk down the beach for some lunch.  That trek brings you our beach shot of the day.  It’s amazing how beautiful it is here.  Note the blur on the edge of the shot, though.  It’s windy!


When the rest of the family arrived back at our place, they joined me at the pool.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to travel with the kids now than it was when we came here five years ago.  Then, they were 8, 6, and 3, and much much more high maintenance.  Now, the girls are content to read and sunbathe, while Soccer Boy likes to play in the pool or look for shells along the beach with some friends he’s made here.

We ended the day with the aforementioned golf cart trip.  When we rented a golf cart to go into town the first day, Adventure Guy joked with the manager here about the fact that he guessed the resort frowned on “off roading.”  The manager looked at him quizzically, clearly not understanding what he meant.  We thought he just didn’t know the term.  Instead, we just didn’t know that what passes as “road” on the way into town would likely count as “off roading” at home.  It’s a bumpy ride, with the three kids on the back, and Adventure Guy at the wheel. A highlight of the trip in, though,  is passing the sign above, warning us of the chihuahua crossing!

In town, we shopped a bit more and then had a yummy dinner at Fido’s Bar and Grill.  Now, we’re settled in early in preparation for tomorrow–one of our more adventurous days.  We’re headed back to the mainland to go cave tubing and zip lining above the rainforest canopy.  I’ll fill you all in when we get home tomorrow night!


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