Belize, Day Three

There will be sun from all directions, followed by night with some stars, mostly above us. The following days will be just like that.

Gym Girl’s homework assignment this week involved reporting the weather from her Spring Break vacation locale.  Today we fired up the laptop and checked out the forecast.  Or at least we tried.  The quote above comes from the town’s website.  Learning that the island does not actually have a weather station, Gym Girl reported the weather for Belize City, but she also included the first one we found to give a little local flavor to the assignment.  What we all learned, though, is that we timed our planned cave tubing trip well, not only from the cruise ship perspective (avoid days when they are in town!) but also from a weather perspective.Today, though, was all about scuba diving.  We woke up early and got the girls to their resort course by 8:00 a.m.  After a “classroom” session under one of the thatched roof cabanas.  They hit the pool.  We took a quick break for lunch at the condo, and then boarded the boat at around 11:00 a.m. for a trip to Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine Preserve.  We all snorkeled at Shark Ray Alley, and Adventure Guy and the girls dove at Hol Chan while I snorkeled.  We got lucky on our snorkeling outing, seeing lots of fish, coral, and two eagle rays plus two sea turtles.  It made me wish I was diving as well, but I’d agreed to snorkel with Soccer Boy who did not make the age cutoff for the resort course.  Here’s a brief look at the Shark Ray Alley scenery, though the sharks and rays had hightailed it by the time Adventure Guy took this video. 

Yes, that’s what the fish looked like.  But more importantly, I’m sure that all of you have been wondering about how I look, being that this is an anonymous blog, and even more importantly, being that this is my 40th birthday (yes, I’ve said it; we will speak no more about it!).  So, here I am in all my glory!




LSM snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley



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5 responses to “Belize, Day Three

  1. Samantha

    What a lovely way to spend your birthday, enjoy…

  2. CT Mom

    You look gorgeous as always, whatever the odd angle! Happy birthday – have a fantastic day! I always said the anticipation was much worse than the reality. I love where I am in my 40s! May you feel the same!

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