Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

I’m sitting at the outdoor bar, having finished a concoction that completely fulfilled my request for Adventure Guy to bring me “something phoofy and fruity,” watching Soccer Boy play in the pool with some new found friends.  What makes it even better is that the outdoor bar has by far the best connection to the wi-fi around here.

We’ve had a completely relaxing day today, settling in and deciding what we’ll do for the rest of the week.  This morning we slept late for here–until around 8:45 a.m.  I find that the longer we stay in Belize, the more we revert to an “early to rise, early to bed” lifestyle.  I’m sure I’ll be sleeping by 9:00 p.m. tonight!

I’d made some muffins last night, so the kids helped themselves to breakfast before we rented a golf cart to drive into San Pedro, the only real town on Ambergris Caye.  Golf carts and bicycles are the preferred modes of transportation here, though we did see the occasional jeep or small truck.  We laughed that they’d “removed the speed bumps” on the road from here south into town.  Translation?  The heavy ropes that usually stretch across the rode had been pushed aside.

The one downside of our trip is that Soccer Boy’s bag did not arrive along with the rest of them yesterday.  The concierge here is working with Continental to find it, but so far, no luck.  The first part of our stay in town this morning was spent scouring for a boy’s bathing suit, a couple of t-shirts, and some shoes.  He only had his tennis shoes, which were not exactly beach suitable.

Once we had the necessary clothing items in hand, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican place with great food and an even better view of the ocean.  Lunch finished, we decided to explore the other end of the island in our golf cart.  We passed by the place Adventure Guy and I stayed the first time we visited in 1994–back when the runway here was still dirt rather than asphalt! 

Once we’d gotten our fill of exploring, we decided to head back to our place to do some swimming.  I got a bit of a taste of what it will be like next year when Dancer Girl gets her learner’s permit since we decided to let her try her hand at driving the golf cart on the way back.  She did a good job, even including the time when I said, “That was good work getting around that telephone poll in the middle of the road,” and she replied, “What telephone pole?”

We’ve now had our fill of sun, and we’re getting ready to walk down to one of our favorite places for dinner.  Up for tomorrow?  A scuba diving resort course for the girls in the pool here, followed by a shallow dive for them and Adventure Guy and snorkeling for Soccer Boy and me.  He’s a bit disappointed that he’s not old enough for the scuba course, but we’ll have fun hanging out and checking out cool fish from the surface nonetheless!



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2 responses to “Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

  1. Calvin

    Sounds GREAT! Enjoy!

  2. ramblingmom

    Well well well. I’m finally ready for St. Patrick’s Day. In other words, I am *COMPLETELY* green with envy.

    Enjoy – you deserve it.

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