Head ‘Em Up; Move ‘Em Out

I’ve consoled myself over the past two days with the fact that preparing to go on vacation now is far easier than it was even a few years ago.  At least I can count on both girls to pack for themselves.  I also assigned Dancer Girl to help Soccer Boy pack yesterday afternoon when they both rode the bus home from school.  She managed to accomplish that with only one call to me for reinforcement of the fact that Soccer Boy did, indeed, need more than three pairs of shorts for the entire week.

What I really needed today was a vacation day to prepare for my vacation.  That didn’t happen, but I did have an afternoon meeting away from the district that ended earlier than expected.  I took full advantage of that found time and came home to start my own packing.

I now have our two big bags packed.  The smaller one with my own clothes for the week and the larger one with our food stock.  We’ve learned from prior experience that it’s better to take along some of the non-perishable food for the week rather than buying it in Belize.  The grocery stores do not always have the selection we’d like, and all the food is imported, so it’s much more expensive. We’ll still make a grocery run when we arrive for the perishables and a stock of soft drinks for all of us and Belikin beer for Adventure Guy.

Since our last trip White Sands Cove added wireless Internet, so I expect to be able to update the blog while I’m gone.  Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures of our cave tubing and snorkeling adventures as well.

But for now, I’m signing off to go deliver the dogs to the kennel and run on a last-minute Borders trip with Gym Girl before we pack up and go to bed early.  The flight leaves at 6:20 AM!


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  1. Calvin

    Enjoy! Take lots of underwater snapshots!

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