Feeling Good Friday

This week has been rough.  I wrote a post on Wednesday complaining about our schedule and all the stuff I’ve had going on at work, but I deleted it when I realized how whiny it sounded. 

Because nothing’s really been bad, it’s just been busy.  And, I reminded myself, I’ve never liked being bored–definitely not an issue this week!  What was an issue, at least at work, was the fact that I had three straight days when I was only in the office for a few minutes.  I’ve mentioned before that this job involves a lot of meetings, and this week pushed that to a whole new level. 

The result of all that meeting?  The piles on my desk and the backlog in my email inbox also rose to a whole new level.  Now, I’m not a neatnik, and my organization style does tend to run toward stacking things, but yesterday I reached that point.  The “I. Must. Clean.” point.  I spent time I probably should have spent on other things going through my email and then sifting through the piles of paper on my desk and conference table.  I’m sure my assistant is so thrilled that she won’t be bored today either since I now need lots of new file labels!

But, I feel like a new person this morning.  Walking in to my office and spotting the clean desk?  Priceless.  As was firing up the email and knowing I’d dealt with everything lurking in the inbox.  Team that up with a good workout this morning at the gym and the ability to look forward to a dinner out with Adventure Guy tonight, and I am one happy lady.  If I’d known it was going to feel this good, I would have cleaned earlier!


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  1. I hate clutter with a passion. Be it actual physical items or a cluttered email in-box. I really cannot think clearly with too much of it so, I can totally relate to your feeling out of sorts until you got things cleaned up 🙂

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