Spring Has Sprung

Dawn over at Alex Year One has issues another Showin Off On Saturday challenge.  She wants to know what everyone is doing to prepare for spring.  And her question couldn’t have come at a better time here in Suburbia, where we experienced our first spring-like day today, just in time for the start of soccer season.  The early-March games typically find us huddled together for warmth on the sidelines, bundled in our heavy coats and blankets, so today’s seventy degree temperatures definitely made the experience more enjoyable. 

And while the bright blue skies and warm temperatures made being outside absolutely wonderful today, what I really wanted to share for Dawn’s challenge is my indoor preparations.  With my parents and grandmother coming to visit this weekend, I was finally inspired to put away my Valentine’s decorations and get out the Easter ones.  It was about time considering how early Easter comes this year. 

So, it feels very springy around my house now.  Take a look!


I got these bunny figurines a few years ago, and they are some of my favorite spring decorations.  I leave this arrangement up in the dining room until summer.


I got these Easter egg topiaries last year for my birthday from my mom.  I think they’re fun.  I used them on the mantle last year, but they don’t coordinate very well with our new furniture we bought for the family room, so I found a new place for them this year.


This bunny basket is on the kitchen table and holds some decorative eggs right now.  We’ll also use it to hold some of the eggs we dye.


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8 responses to “Spring Has Sprung

  1. How adorable! I love the pastels and bunnies of spring/Easter.

  2. Samantha

    Your decorations are so nice, you make me jealous – I wish my house looked as springy as that!

  3. Wow! Easter Decor… I don’t own such a thing. I *love* the topiaries. Very fun!

  4. Everything looks beautiful. Want to be my new BFF and come decorate my house??? Please???

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