Vampires and Werewolves and Swimsuits, Oh My!

Last Spring Break I’d been hunted by a vampire, too.  I hoped this wasn’t some kind of tradition forming. ~Bella in New Moon

Last week when I went out of town for work, I decided to take along the young-adult vampire novel that seems to be all the rage with teens lately so that I could find out what all the fuss was about.  Twilight follows seventeen-year-old Bella Swan as she moves in to live with her father following her mother’s remarriage and discovers that small town life is not as boring as she feared.  In fact, she learns there are many things much more frightening than boredom when she hooks up with the local family of vampires.

And, really, it’s much better than that sounds!  I sped through Twilight and then went out to buy the next two installments by Stephenie Meyer, New Moon and Eclipse.  I’m about three quarters of the way through New Moon, and I had planned on making Eclipse one of my beach reads on our upcoming trip.  At this rate though, I don’t think that one will make it out of Suburbia unread.

But the tag line above made me giggle out loud when I read it last night.  Life does suck when your spring break is habitually ruined by vampire attacks.  Fortunately, our plans for spring break are shaping up to be better than Bella’s experiences.

In mid-March we are headed for Ambergris Caye, Belize.  We are extremely fortunate that Adventure Guy’s mom and stepfather own a condo there.  The resort is beautiful and right on the water.  It’s been about five years since we’ve visited, and evidently the new resort owners have made lots of additions (including wireless Internet for the blogging addicted).  It was wonderful before, so I can’t wait to see it now.  

And while we don’t plan to run into any vampires, we may be running into some Mayans.  The kids are old enough now to go on some of the more adventurous trips into the interior area of the country.  Last time we stuck strictly to the beach and pool.  Tops on our list this time are going cave tubing, seeing some of the Mayan ruins, and snorkeling and/or diving.  Adventure Guy and I both have our scuba certifications, and Belize has some of the best diving in the world thanks to the barrier reef right off the coast.  Dancer Girl and Gym Girl should be old enough to do the resort dive course and do a shallow dive, but I’m not sure if Soccer Boy will make the age cut off or not.  So, depending on what’s available we’ll either snorkel, dive, or both. 

Fortunately, being with the kids allows me to indulge my more conservative nature in regard to scuba diving.  I like to go on shallow dives and see pretty fish and coral.  Of course, I was also with the kids last time we were in Belize–the time that Dancer Girl shamed me into going into the water at Shark Ray Alley when at nine, she promptly jumped in and snorkeled away at the first opportunity.

But for now, I’m not going to think about vampires or sharks. Because what’s even scarier than those things is that I’ve got only a little over two weeks to be swimsuit ready!  Bring on the training sessions and self-tanner!


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