Songs That Remind Me Of College

I’m taking Dawn’s Showin Off on Saturday challenge from over at Alex Day One.  Because I am just not feeling that original, I am changing her “5 songs that remind me of high school theme” to the MUCH different “5 songs that remind me of college.”

So, in no particular order because evidently I’m not really very good at pasting links from You Tube…

From The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a college staple entertainment option…

The perfect preparing to go out song… 

The classic club song of the time… 

And now that we’re all having a bit of a Music and Lyrics flashback scene moment from that last one, we’ll move on to the “theme song” of Thursday nights spent at the Dixie Chicken. At A & M, you can’t have a list of college memory songs without throwing in a little bit of country. I can still do all of the lyrics to this one from memory.   

And to end on a bit of a sappy note, I’ll include this one.  Adventure Guy graduated a year before I did, and he sent me this song while he was working and I was still in College Station.



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2 responses to “Songs That Remind Me Of College

  1. I’m so glad you did this! 🙂

  2. You don’t have to call me darling, darling. (Just call me in time for dinner at reunion).

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