The Friday Night Knitting Club

After months of hearing about this book from friends, I finally picked up The Friday Night Knitting Club a few weeks ago.  As many had told me, it was a quick, enjoyable read with characters I’ve continued to think about after finishing the book.  While I’m sure this novel could be classified as “chic lit,” the character development makes it better than most in that genre.

Perhaps the part that resonated with me most, though, was the depiction of one character’s struggle with cancer.  Of how her friends circled the wagons to help her through the challenge, how she drew strength from knowing how much they cared.

Tonight our entire family along with much of the All American Public Schools community, our church friends, and many families from Gym Girl’s gymnastics program will turn out for a fundraiser to help alleviate some of the expenses of my friend’s cancer treatment.  I’ve written several times about her fight, but no matter how much I write about it or how many different things we try to do to help, I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that the battle might not end well.   

So I try not to focus on that.  Instead, we’ll go tonight and visit with the many people who care for her and her family.  We’ll keep the meals coming and the carpools going.  And most of all, we’ll keep praying for this new treatment plan to succeed where the others have failed.  Because I don’t want to think about any other outcome.



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2 responses to “The Friday Night Knitting Club

  1. I pray, too, that your friend’s cancer treatments prevail. She’s blessed to have friends like you and your family.

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