Just Call Him Axl

So, why can’t I buy the skinny jeans?”  Adventure Guy queried as we had lunch after church today.  All three kids sat dumbfounded for a moment, staring with looks of amazement tinging on horror. 

“Umm…well…they’re skinny jeans,” said Dancer Girl. 

“Are you saying I’m fat?” parried Adventure Guy.  “I know, you think I’m fat.”

“DAAAAD!!”  chimed in Gym Girl.  “You’re not supposed to wear skinny jeans.”

“But the store next door says I should access my inner rock star.  My inner rock star needs those skinny jeans we saw.  I think you’re just saying I’m fat,” Adventure Guy continued.

“Oh, Dad, you don’t have an inner rock star!” all three kids insisted.

This conversation just highlighted how far we’ve fallen since our college days when, complete with motorcycle and big man on campus rep, Adventure Guy did indeed have a bit of that “rock star” mystique.  Is it inevitable that parents believe they’ve hung on to much more of the “cool factor” than their children ever see? I had to laugh, both at the mental image of Adventure Guy in skinny jeans and at our kids’ utter amazement at the possibility of him being “rock starish.” And, Adventure Guy is doing nothing today to enhance their thinking of him as cool, seeing that he’s currently busy channeling his inner geek by creating one of these…

And don’t worry, inner rock star aside, Adventure Guy was just kidding about the skinny jeans.

As Soccer Boy said on the way home, “Mom, they had skeletons on the pockets!” 


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  1. My inner rock star could never fit into a pair of skinny jeans — unless they come in a stretchy mommy rock star variety.

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