Move 2008–Week 2

Well I did a bit better on meeting my goal of three cardio sessions and three toning sessions per week this week, logging in two of each for 4.25 miles of treadmill and 60 minutes of Pilates.  Still not what I’m aiming for, but moving, no pun intended, in the right direction.

What I learned last week is that my planned Monday, Wednesday, Friday pre-work gym visits are not going to be my best option.  Motivation was quite low on Friday, and that’s the morning hitting the snooze alarm won out over getting to the gym.  I’ve decided to try a Tuesday through Thursday schedule this week.

My Weight Watchers program went a bit better.  I’ve logged a 2 lb. loss this week.  It would have been even better if I’d staved off some of the temptations this weekend.  But, overall, I’d say Week 2 has been a success!


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  1. Calvin

    Good job! Keep it up!

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