See, It’s Required This Week

I’ve just learned, almost too late, that it’s officially national delurking week!  Yes, really…check out this Google search if you don’t believe me.  My discovery came at a perfect time:  I’ve had a dearth of comments lately, and I know from my stat meter that I’m actually getting more visits than ever before recently.  And did I mention I’ve been a little blocked the last few days as far as interesting topics go? That could explain my lack of comments, but I’m going to assume instead that people are just waiting for a nice invitation.

So, if you’re visiting Suburbia for the first time or you’re a regular reader who doesn’t usually comment, take a second to leave me a note!  If you’ve been dropping by, introduce yourself and if you’ve just stumbled in looking for directions on how to make a salt map or what to take to a friend with a new baby (by far my most popular searches) I’d love to know that too! 



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8 responses to “See, It’s Required This Week

  1. Bunny

    Hi there, LSM! I’m one of your regular readers, but I usually don’t comment.

  2. I read and comment (but you know that)…hurumph! I’ve only received FOUR measly comments from my delurker request. I guess some folks are just stubborn that way. 🙂

  3. Samantha

    I have been reading regularly for a couple of months now, I have made a couple of comments, but I will promise I will try harder!!!l This came as a bit of a coincidence as I was actually thinking about that the last couple of days.

  4. lewis1212

    I’m here….hopefully I’m not a lurker 🙂


  5. Calvin

    Back at ya, LSM!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  6. I’ve read your blog occassionally over the last few months. I’m a friend of Marcia and have checked out a few of the blogs linked on her page. 🙂

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