Thoughts Across The Miles

I’ve written before about my friend’s battle with cancer.  Today, she left for M. D. Anderson in Texas to meet with specialists there in the hope that they can find a way to take her into remission.  She and her husband will be there for three to five days so that she can undergo some testing and also find out if she’s eligible for any research studies.  Since she’s had radiation twice and chemotherapy once, she’s not eligible for those studies currently happening locally.  She’s also been told here that her condition is inoperable.

All this is so scary for me, that I can’t wrap my mind around how frightening it must be for her and her family.  She has a wonderful attitude, though, and if positive thinking is good for anything, she will be cured in no time.  To help with that effort, one of the teachers at All-American High School came up with the idea of creating 365 motivational, inspiring, or comforting sayings.  Once collected, the sayings will be put on pieces of paper and rolled fortune cookie style.  We’ll put them in a jar for my friend to choose one per day over the next year.

As you might guess, it’s a bit of a challenge to gather 365 good ideas.  So I’m asking for any inspiration you’d like to share.  Either leave the tidbits on my comments or email me (see the tab above for the address!). I can’t tell you how much your help will mean to both of us.



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2 responses to “Thoughts Across The Miles

  1. ramblingmom

    Well, we all know how much I love cancer.

    Ideas — you can check books or like “motovitional phrase a day calendar” or you can go to the quotations page ( I think) and look under the motovational section. I’ll try to come up with some for you.

    And then maybe post them somewhere.

  2. I’ll think on it…

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