Well, I Made It 6 Days…

Until TPGoddess called me out about my commitment to Move 2008, I had managed to go six days into January without talking about any New Year’s resolutions!  However, I do have some, and I’ve got to get moving on them, both literally and figuratively.

For exercise, my goal is to get at least three cardio workouts and three toning (whether than be weights, Pilates, or yoga) sessions per week.  Adventure Guy helped me with this goal by treating me to some personal training sessions at our gym.  I used a trainer about a year and a half ago, and it made a huge difference.  I’m pretty good about the cardio portion of things, but I’m bad about doing the weight workouts on my own.  So, my mini-goal for this week is to actually speak to the trainer and get my first session set up.  For the first week of January, I got in two cardio sessions totaling 70 minutes and 3.69 miles on the treadmill.

I have also got to get a handle on my eating.  I am close to my top weight ever with the exception of being pregnant.  I lost about 15 lbs. two years ago and swore I wouldn’t gain it back, but I’m close to having done just that.  My issue is that I like to eat, particularly sweets and fried foods.  I know exactly how to get rid of the weight and how to keep it off, but I get frustrated with the process after a while.  The exercise piece is key for me in maintaining once I’ve lost, and I’ve been negligent in that area for the last six months.

But, I turn 40 in March, and we’re planning a beach trip for that month as well.  I should have plenty of motivation to look my best for both those occasions. So, I’m back to both counting Weight Watchers points and the gym tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Well, I Made It 6 Days…

  1. I have a wedding I’m in on march 29 – I have the dress, but man it would be nice to have better looking arms in that dress … so I’m with you.

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