Taking a Break After The Break

School officially got back into session on Thursday.  Several local districts have until next Monday for winter break, but I’m glad All-American Public Schools started back this week.  It’s far easier for me to get the kids into the swing of things and get back to work myself on a Thursday, knowing there are only two days until the weekend.  Facing a full five-day week would be much harder. 

I’m fortunate that I have the entire week of Christmas as holiday time.  That meant I only had to take vacation days for December 31 and January 2 to have all of the time off with the kids.  It was definitely worth taking Wednesday off to get all of the Christmas decorations put away.  I love decorating, but I always feel good when the things are put away for the year and the house seems less cluttered in January.

This weekend is a rare bit of true down time for us.  I’m trying to take as much advantage of that as I can because gymnastics season will be in full-swing from now until April.  Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy took off yesterday to go to the deer lease for some hunting, and the girls both had sleepovers last night–Dancer Girl here and Gym Girl at a friend’s house.  And today, we have no sporting events on the schedule.  It’s a miracle!  Dancer Girl is at Odyssey of the Mind practice this afternoon, but that’ s our last official activity of the weekend.

I’ve had a good day so far, finishing The Borgia Bride, which I’ve been meaning to read for months now and having a microdermabrasion session this morning.  I’ve also caught up on all my blog reading and plan to do some scrapbooking this evening  It’s just nice not to have to do anything.


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