Home Is Where They Know Your Name

The “my maiden name”‘s are in the house!  My brother, sister, and I received this shout out from the stage as we entered the bar.  The singer is a life-long friend of my brother-in-law and the sister of my own sister’s best friend growing up.  The trip down memory lane continued as we watched a rather hefty guy two-step with practically every woman in the place and as I perused a menu that provided the option of “blood rare” preparation for my rib-eye without even a whiff of an asterisk to notify me of the potential food borne illness risk I would be taking were I to order it that way.  It’s good to be home.

We’ve had a great time visiting my family in Texas for the last few days.  Such a good time that posting has not really been an option.  We had our second Christmas celebration on the 26th with my parents, brother, sister, their spouses and kids.  My brother-in-law is a chef, and he did dinner that night.  We’ve also managed to eat our way through most of our favorite restaurants while we’re here, including the Tex Mex place we like best.  The Midwest may think they have Tex Mex restaurants, but I can assure you they do not.  As my girls say, it just isn’t the same without the “squeezy butter” for the tortillas!  I might as well just attach the container directly to my hips, but at least I only eat there a few times a year!

Our third and final Christmas celebration was at my aunt’s family farm which is about an hour away from my parents’ house.  We drove there on the afternoon of the 27th to see all my first cousins and their families.  It’s a perfect location for the kids.  There were calves to bottle feed, fields to tromp through, fireworks to shoot, and, yes, Even. More. Presents.  We ended up the night by driving into town for dinner before heading home. 

The best part of the entire visit, though, is the realization that all of us really like each other as adults.  We had a great time hanging out at the farm with my cousins, discussing Aggie football and the upcoming bowl game (all of my cousins and most of their spouses attended A & M like Adventure Guy and I did).  We also had a great time last night on our “parents night out” which was graciously provided by my parents.  I know that not everyone has this type of family experience, and I’m grateful for it.

And, I’m grateful as well to be packing up today to head home to Suburbia.  We’ve got soccer games to play and football to watch.  Plus plenty of laundry to do!  But I’ll be looking forward to the next time that we’re all together again.  And that’s what family is all about.


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