On The First Day of Christmas


Christmas in Suburbia does not end on the 25th.  Instead we celebrate for quite some time with extended family.  So, today’s account is indeed the “first.”

We have officially made the transition from Fisher Price to flatirons, as I noted this morning while perusing the Santa gifts.  We are also past crack-of-dawn celebrations.  This year the girls held Soccer Boy off until 9:00 a.m.  I heard movement upstairs about 8:30, but the deal is everyone has to be awake before the kids come downstairs since our living room where Santa leaves the gifts is directly at the foot of the staircase.  This year we had a high tech system in place:  Dancer Girl phoned us using her cell phone when they were all ready. 

The biggest and most anticipated gifts this year were a Chi flatiron for Dancer Girl, a cell phone for Gym Girl, and an iPod for Soccer Boy.  I received a new piece for my Snow Village collection (the one in the picture above), a cool jacket, and a gift certificate for personal training at the gym (don’t worry, I wanted that!).  I got Adventure Guy a new camelback for racing, the Planet Earth DVD series, and some books. 

We had breakfast, hung out at home a bit, and then went to visit Best Friend and her family to see their haul before heading to my in-laws’ house.  Most of Adventure Guy’s family lives nearby, but his step-sister and her family were in from Washington state.  We had turkey with all the trimmings, opened presents, and chased babies and toddlers.  I have two nephews under two, and they remind me both how cute those ages are and how much constant attention they take!  I’ll admit up front to not missing that part of parenting.

I’m feeling pretty good right now because we’re home, and things are relatively put away.  I’ve got Soccer Boy packed for our trip to my parents’ house tomorrow.  I’ll pack tonight.  Dancer Girl is off visiting a friend who has come back into town after moving to Michigan a few years ago, and Adventure Guy and I are planning to see Juno. Then it’s up bright and early tomorrow morning for the official holiday car trip and the first of “the rest” of Christmas. 

I hope everyone’s day was merry!



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2 responses to “On The First Day of Christmas

  1. Yes, we take off for our actual Christmas holiday stress tomorrow.

  2. Tanya

    Merry Christmas! We are officially done celebrating…it always goes so fast!

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