A Gift You Can Really “Use”

So tomorrow night Adventure Guy and I will be attending a holiday party that should involve actual fun.  It’s hosted by a couple we both like and who are known for throwing good get togethers.  And, of course, there’s a white elephant gift exchange.

I managed to acquire one gift from my work party on Tuesday.  Now, mind you, that “dirty Santa” gift exchange was supposed to involve “good” gifts, so you see what it says that I’m using that gift for Friday’s party.  Actually, I traded for the “so bad it’s good gift” so I could reuse it.  Someone will be leaving with four lovely (and weirdly heavy) holiday place settings with matching salt and pepper shakers included–“a $2.99 value!” 

But, my white elephant coup came when I read an article in Sunday’s paper about a new must-have product:  Subtle Butt.  Subtle Butt comes in 5-packs and “effectively filters flatulence, absorbing and neutralizing its odor.”  Oh.  Yes.  I quickly Pay Paled my way to what I’m convinced will become a classic gift.  They arrived today and are now wrapped in a lovely gift bag just waiting for their unsuspecting new owner.

Gifts prepared, I am now off to make my first official batch of holly clusters to take along to the party.  They will need to dry overnight to avoid the unfortunate “green teeth” effect caused by lack of proper prep time!



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2 responses to “A Gift You Can Really “Use”

  1. Oh my. Is it bad that I thought of someone immediately who would LOVE that gift???!!!

  2. LSM

    Post Script: It was the host’s FATHER who drew this lovely gift at the party! No one stole it from him, either. 🙂

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