Party All The Time, Party All The Time, Party All The Time

Is anyone else feeling swamped by festivity?  We’re not exactly on the social fast track, but we’re booked solid with various events.  Adventure Guy has already hosted the soccer league Board party, I’ve been to a law firm party, and Dancer Girl has had parties at her dance class and her church small group.  My work party is tomorrow night. Gym Girl has a party at the gym on Thursday, and another party at a friend’s house on Friday.  Soccer Boy’s school party is on Wednesday.  Adventure Guy and I have an actual grown-up party to attend Friday, and we have a party that the whole family’s invited to on Saturday.  We would have had even more events, but the ice storm led to my Junior League party, two PTA parties, and our Sunday School party being cancelled.

Once we recover from this round, we’ll have a small get together to watch the A & M bowl game on the 29th, and attend another small party on New Year’s Eve.  And, I’m toying with having a casual open house on New Year’s Day so that people can come by and watch some football and visit.  The only problem with that is that my “small, casual event” guest list seems to keep growing.  So, I’m still in the contemplating stage on that one.

All this fun is tiring me out!


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