Home Again, But Not Quite Lickety Split

Gym Girl and I set out on a bit of an adventure yesterday as I took her to an out-of-state meet.  Usually, Adventure Guy is our designated family driver and navigator (more on this later), but since Gym Girl’s level was competing on Friday for this meet and Adventure Guy was also hosting the Christmas get together for the board of our local youth soccer league, this time we were on our own.  I dutifully Googled the directions to the meet and allowed plenty of time for our scheduled 4:45 pm warmup time.

We made great time getting to the meet, and even had some time to kill before Gym Girl had to report for duty.  We made a Sonic run for drinks, and in the process I identified a different route to the highway we’d need on the way home, one that didn’t wind through neighborhood streets as my Google instructions had.

Gym Girl’s team was amazing at the meet, especially considering that they’d had exactly three hours of practice this week because of power outages at the gym.  Last night’s session combined both Level 5 and Level 6, and both of our teams took the team titles.  But even better for us here in Suburbia, is that Gym Girl took 1st on beam and floor, 3rd on bars and 6th on vault plus the All-Around title. 

Once we wrapped up the competition, Gym Girl and I ran by to pick up some food, and then, accompanied by a steady rain, got on the road to home.  Or so I thought.  Because evidently, I am a compete idiot when it comes to navigation.  I chose the highway that I had come in on, but neglected to head the opposite direction in order to go home.  I knew that there was a section of rural, curving roads between the meet location and the next major town, and I had been worried about driving it in the dark on the way home.  So, for about 40 minutes, I concentrated fully on navigating those curves in the rain and fog.  Until I started thinking, “Hmm…I should at least be seeing signs for the upcoming town.”  And then I thought, “But, at least I know from the compass on my mirror that I’m still heading east.”  Followed by a Homer Simpsonesque moment when I realized I should have been heading west all along. 

It took me a few minutes to find a place I could turn around safely, and then we set out in the right direction.  Fortunately, by that time, Gym Girl was fast asleep in the back seat, and I don’t think she even realized we were lost.  When we pulled safely into the garage, I was very thankful to be home albeit two hours later than planned.  And next time, I will not be taking any creative license with the driving directions.  Or even better, next time I will be taking Adventure Guy along!



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2 responses to “Home Again, But Not Quite Lickety Split

  1. Glad to hear you made it home safe after such a successful meet. However, I think you need to ask Santa for a GPS for Christmas. We don’t want you lost in the Suburban Woods again!

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