Or Else!


Baby Soccer Boy Says “Have a Merry Christmas Or Else!”

I know there are people out there struggling to get in the Christmas spirit. I’ll admit that the recent ice storm here has thrown a kink into my preparations, but I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making progress.  This is aided by the fact that Dancer Girl and Gym Girl wrapped all of the presents I’d purchased for friends and extended family for me while they were at home with no power Monday. There’s something to be said for boredom!

Before the power outage, Adventure Guy backed up the photos on one of our old PCs. While doing so, he found the picture above, one of my favorites from Soccer Boy’s babyhood. I just couldn’t resist sharing.  The caption I always put to it in my mind is, “Just try to clean me, Lady.”  How did my baby get to be eight?!



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4 responses to “Or Else!

  1. Calvin

    At least I am stuggling in sunny 80+ degree weather with uninterupted electric! I will stop whining!

    How did the last eight years go so quickly?

  2. What a great photo! You should use it on a Christmas card.

  3. I love that picture!!!

    I think I need to wrap some boxes myself. I’ve done so much online shopping avoiding all the crowds that I have also not been too ‘in touch’ with the season other than the decorations in the office and at home. I think if I wrap some things and just let the cat have some fun, but then at least have some items under the tree – it will help. Play some music too. Andy Williams of course 😉

  4. Tanya

    Awww…same age as Aimee. Love his vivid blue eyes and overall determined look. Definitely one to share at his wedding…;-)

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