The Pictures To Prove It

After much gnashing of teeth and general procrastination, I did indeed get most of my Christmas decorating done tonight.  I still have to finish putting out my snow village, but I’m planning to do it a little differently this year and decided to tackle that during the week.

So, here’s what’s done so far in Suburbia.  No tree yet for the living room because we get a real one for that room.  I’ll include pictures of it when it’s up as well as pictures of the snow village.

Here is my collection of Dickens carolers that is in the entry hall.


Here’s what the family room fireplace looks like now.




The tree above is upstairs in our gameroom.  The kids decorate it and have their ornaments that they’ve made over the years on it as well as some other favorites. 

Overall, I’m feeling much better about my Christmas preparations.  Gym Girl even wrapped some gifts for me tonight.  Now, I just have to make sure we’re ready for Friday night when Adventure Guy is hosting a party for the Board of the soccer association.  And, did I mention I won’t be here?  Gym Girl has an out-of-state meet!



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4 responses to “The Pictures To Prove It

  1. Samantha

    Your decorations look lovely, you have alot to be thankful for.

  2. Your decorations look beautiful. I particularly love the carolers.

  3. You are WAY ahead of The Joys.

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