24 Days and Counting

I cannot believe it’s December.  But, the girls and I kicked the month off in fine form by spending all afternoon Christmas shopping.  Unfortunately for the pocketbook, the primary focus was finding outfits to wear for Christmas Eve and their upcoming orchestra concert.  I still have more actual gifts to buy.  Our trip reminded me why I avoid going to the main mall shopping area in town at this time of year.  It took me 25 minutes to drive from the highway to the mall, a trip that typically takes me 5 minutes.

I still do not have my Christmas decorations up, or even my fall decorations put away.  I’ve been a bit distracted this weekend by, oh, watching All-American High win the football state championship last night.  The game last night was fabulous, a wonderful rematch of the cross-town rivalry game played in September, with a better outcome from All-American High’s perspective this time around. 

One of the bonuses of my job is that Adventure Guy and I get to watch the football games from the sidelines.  It’s a great vantage point, and I also enjoyed visiting with a number of the players from previous teams who had returned to watch the game as well.  We could have fielded quite a contingency team using those guys.  There were college players from Nebraska, The University of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Princeton, Dartmouth, Missouri Southern, and The University of Kansas cheering their alma mater on.  I did tell Adventure Guy, though, that one of the things I’ve realized is that I won’t know the players who were on the field last night like I do the ones who’ve moved on to college.  While I’m still extremely pleased with my new assistant superintendent position and love the new challenges, I miss the daily interaction with the students.  Fortunately, I knew that was one of the things I’d be giving up when I took the new job, so it’s not a surprise.  But it is still hard to deal with at times.

After the game, Adventure Guy and I went out to get some food and have a drink, so my 9:00 a.m. alarm came all too early this morning.  But Dancer Girl had Odyssey of the Mind practice, Soccer Boy had a birthday party, and I had to pick up Gym Girl from a slumber party.  Then, the girls and I got haircuts and went shopping, while Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy took in another football playoff game, this time watching Adventure Guy’s high school team win their game–they’ll play for the state championship next week.  We all met up at Soccer Boy’s indoor soccer game this evening and have just polished off dinner tonight. 

Whew!  My goal for tomorrow is actually getting those Christmas decorations finished.


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  1. Missouri Southern… I always forget they aren’t a CC anymore 🙂

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