Meet Me

For the last two weeks I’ve done almost nothing but run from one meeting to another.  The challenge now is to get all the work we’ve been meeting about actually done.  I finally got to sit down in my office about 4:30 today and realized that nothing much is going to get accomplished until I get my desk organized.  I made a bit of progress this afternoon but had to leave at 5:15 to get to Soccer Boy’s end of season team party.  Tomorrow morning, though, I vow not to do one thing until I finish the job.  It’s scary, otherwise, to imagine what all is under those piles on my desk.  In today’s efforts, I managed to unearth an invitation to a meeting at the governor’s mansion that needed an RSVP by tomorrow–I’m thankful I cleaned sooner, rather than later.

I’ve also got a major community-based meeting tomorrow for which I need to be very professionally dressed. Typically that wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was looking forward to a casual day.  One for which I would have had a very good excuse since the one “meeting” I’m particularly looking forward to this week in the state championship football pep rally at All-American High tomorrow.  As I predicted earlier in the season, our team will meet it’s cross-town rival to defend the state title.  I’d like to claim some sort of amazing prescience about the whole thing, but reality is that most people around here who pay attention to high school football predicted the same thing. 

Perhaps the best part about this year’s state championship pep rally, though, is that I do not have to plan it or supervise it.  Instead I’ll just be an interested observer, just like I’ll be on the sidelines of the game tomorrow night. 


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  1. Meetings on Friday?! Unfair!

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