Tonight I’m Thankful

I’m thankful this evening for a blazing fire built for me by Adventure Guy, a snugly throw to cover me as I laze around on the couch watching football, and wireless Internet.  We drove home this afternoon in time for Soccer Boy to play his indoor game early this evening.  I’ll admit it’s nice to be home and still have one more weekend day left.

We had a great time visiting with my family.  It was relaxing and good to see some of the extended family that I hadn’t seen in a while.  We even ran into some of my high school classmates at dinner last night.  I had planned to talk Adventure Guy into going out for a bit more of a night on the town as it were, but we were both too tired.  It’s sad being old.

We did manage to get to the movies to see Enchanted with my mom and the kids on Friday afternoon.  We all enjoyed it, though Soccer Boy had a “manly” attack and claimed not to.  We still want to see August Rush as well.  Maybe we’ll make an afternoon showing tomorrow.  We’re still debating about whether we’ll sleep in or get up for church.  Then, I need to put away all the fall decorations.  I may or may not tackle the indoor Christmas decorating tomorrow.  Usually, I wait until the first weekend of December for that.  It’s raining and cold here, so I know that the outside decorations are not happening this weekend.

Now that I’ve met my daily posting requirement, I’m going to take a break to eat more pie before continuing my football watching!  Yes, the post-Thanksgiving exercise routine begins on Monday.



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2 responses to “Tonight I’m Thankful

  1. tpgoddess0103

    I rarely go to the movies, but Enchanted and August Rush look worthy of a trip. Enchanted just because I could not possibly miss McDreamy on a big screen 🙂

  2. “Enchanted” was cute. We took my mother yesterday afternoon. Most of us agreed it was a 6/10. Pay close attention to when the Princess calls her animal friends in New York. We’ll have to look into “August Rush” too.

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