Is That My Life Flying By?

I feel like I’ve been at a dead run since my plane touched down from St. Louis on Tuesday.  Since then, it’s been one meeting or event after another, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.  This weekend, Gym Girl has her first meet of the season, Soccer Boy and Adventure Guy start indoor soccer season, and Adventure Guy is running a local marathon on Sunday.  Gym Girl and Soccer Boy will actually join in for a portion of that race, completing the kids’ marathon, a race where all but the last 1.2 miles is logged prior to race day.  Then on race day, the kids run that last portion and get a t-shirt and medal.  It should be a fun afternoon.

The good news about my being so busy lately at work is that I have had some neat experiences thrown in for good measure.  Earlier in the week we conducted one of our semi-annual tours of the district for school board members and state legislators.  As usual, each school showed off some of the fabulous things that are going on in All-American Public Schools, sharing a wide-range of student opportunities from research-based remediation programs to accelerated math classes.  As one board member said to me on the ride back to my office, “It’s nice to be reminded of why we do what we do.  So often in our jobs, we only hear the negatives.”  But my favorite part of the day was my exchange with a kindergartner.  This tiny girl looked up at me upon my entry into her classroom and said, “Who are you?”  “I’m Mrs. M,” I answered.  “HI!  I MADE A TURKEY.”  “Excellent, can you show it to me?”  She proceeded to show off her construction paper turkey complete with its “really cool googly eyes, and these things that are its feathers.”  Now that’s something I rarely had a chance to see while I was at All-American High!

I’m also excited about a program I’m working on with one of our intermediate schools.  We’re looking to expand our foreign language instruction at that level, and this morning I ran a task force meeting for parents, teachers, and other administrators where we examined the challenges that would exist in starting a pilot program.  We had a great discussion, and it’s exciting to be in on the front side of something that I think could be a great learning opportunity for kids.  Now if we only had the money and some extra time, we’d be set. Fortunately, there’s another taskforce, which I am not in charge of, that’s looking at those issues.

But time, money, and curriculum issues aside, I’m about to officially start the weekend by picking up Gym Girl from practice, Dancer Girl from dance class, and Soccer Boy from after school care.  We’ll all head home to change clothes and meet Adventure Guy so that we can get a quick dinner before going to the All-American High football game.  Playoff season is in full swing, so wish us luck!


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  1. ramblingmom

    GOOD LUCK with all the events.

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