We Are The Ones Who Make A Brighter Day

On my way home from St. Louis, I had the chance to read this month’s O magazine, and one short blurb has stuck in my mind.  It was about The Camel Book Drive, a project that brings library books to Kenyans and Somalians via camels.  As someone who loves books and can’t imagine life without easy access to Amazon.com, Border, and Barnes & Noble, it’s hard to fathom being dependent on a selection of books transported by camel to feed my reading addiction.

As part of my Christmas shopping, I always purchase books for my children, cousins, and family friends.  It’s an honor to pass on books I loved as a child or wonderful new selections to the next generation.  This year, I’ll also be making some purchases from The Camel-Borne Library’s wishlist.  For those of you who might want to make a donation that affects us a bit closer to home, here’s a link to the effort to rebuild the New Orleans library collection.  I’d say both these projects are great examples of gifts that keep on giving.



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2 responses to “We Are The Ones Who Make A Brighter Day

  1. HEY new look. Anyway at my church AND at my local independent bookstore (and MANY MANY other bookstores) they have angel trees (or similar things). The tree at church is for clothes and toys and books for http://www.marcy-newberry.org/. There’s lots of ways to give to people at holidays. I don’t think ANY girl that I’ve known has gotten past the age of 9 without receiving Anne of Green Gables.

  2. Wow! A new look. It suits you — edgier than the other one. Somewhere in the brochures for the New Orleans Public Library system, there is a photo of Wild Thing and Moose. It was taken with an author and musician who appeared at Jazzfest this year. Giving to the NOLA library system is a great idea. I’m going to have the boys participate in this.

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