Where Did I Put Those White Gloves?

I know what most people think about women who are in the Junior League.  We must spend a lot of time “doing lunch” and worrying about what to wear to meetings.  At least that’s what it said in The Devil in the Junior League and several other books that thinly disguise the League by using a different name.  My guess is that those people do not picture a group of women spending hours doing manual labor in preparation for a holiday market.

I am so sore today after my three-hour shift last night.  This weekend is my League’s big holiday market fundraiser.  The kickoff event is a preview party tonight, which I’m also working.  At least there won’t be heavy lifting involved in that shift! Friday morning there’s a ladies luncheon (see, ladies who lunch!), then Friday night we’re throwing a black tie event, which Adventure Guy and I will attend.  I’ve got a new outfit to wear, and Adventure Guy will be wearing his tux from our wedding, which still fits because he’s annoying like that.  Saturday and Sunday will have more special events and also general shopping.  From all the merchandise we helped unload and saw being set up tonight, it’s going to be a great market.  I’m looking forward to getting some Christmas shopping done on when I’m there tonight and tomorrow night.

And the best part about all this is that the money we raise goes to fund our community projects, which all target women and children in transition and range from staffing the parent center at the children’s hospital to working with victims of domestic violence, to mentoring struggling students.  I’d say that’s better than a nice luncheon any day.


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  1. ramblingmom

    To be honest – I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about Junior League to have formed an opinion. But I’m sure it’s like any other service organization — in some places they are a wonderful asset to the community – and in others they’re a bunch of …..

    And a group of intelligent resourceful people (whether Junior League or Jaycees or Lions or whatever) can be a much stronger asset to a community than a bunch of folks that are backbiting and worrying about what to wear for lunch.

    And there’s nothing wrong with being a wonderful asset to a community AND having lunch. THAT’S a good thing.

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