If You’re Happy and You Know It

I pulled in to my garage tonight at 11:08 p.m., dinner in hand, still dressed in the suit I put on at 7:15 this morning.  When I got out of the car, balancing meal, computer bag and purse while trying to simultaneously close the garage door and open the door to the house, the overwhelming thought I had was “It’s nights like tonight when I know why I work.”

It seems like a strange time to have that feeling.  I posted yesterday about what a busy week this is going to be and how I was already in a bit of a funk just thinking about it.  But today things fell into place, even amongst the crises that had sprouted up over the weekend and had to be dealt with today.  I was able to advise one of the principals who reports to me about a discipline situation, one where my secondary education background came in handy.  I had a meeting about some significant private funding opportunities that may allow us to expand a key program in the district.  It was a day when I felt I made a difference.

At home, things fell into place as well.  I was able to get everyone to and from their respective activities without a hitch.  My mother-in-law only had to pick Dancer Girl up from her evening dance class, which I didn’t mind asking her to do.  It was a much easier task than what I initially thought I might need which would have entailed picking up Dancer Girl from home, picking up Soccer Boy from school, dropping off Dancer Girl at her lesson, picking up Gym Girl from practice, and then returning to pick up Dancer Girl before taking all three kids home.  There’s a lot of explaining that goes into that process! 

In continuation of the charmed life I seemed to be leading today, I must say that my presentation at tonight’s Board of Education meeting went well.  It was my first major presentation since I took the Assistant Superintendent position, so I really wanted it to be a success.  At the end of the evening, the other administrators and the president of the Board were very complimentary.  While I miss a number of things about my position at All-American High, days like today help me see that I made the right decision when I took on the challenge of my new job.

And, now, since it’s officially after midnight, I can post this as my November 6 NaBloPoMo post.  With the way my schedule looks, I won’t be able to guarantee another one before midnight tomorrow!


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  1. MAN I get tired just reading all that.

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