4 Things Meme

I’ve been tagged by Simone over at One Feather Tail! I am honored to be chosen, plus it gives me a good post for NaBloPoMo.

  • 4 Jobs I have had

Legal Assistant
High School Assistant Principal

  • 4 Movies I love to watch over and over

Almost Famous
Say Anything
Gone With The Wind

  • 4 Places I have lived

Corsicana, Texas
Mesquite, Texas
Ponca City, Oklahoma
Houston, Texas

  • 4 TV shows I enjoy watching

The Amazing Race
Big Love

  • 4 Places I have been

Various Caribbean islands
Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • 4 Web sites I visit daily

My friends’ blogs
My local newspaper’s site
Nothing else I can guarantee on a daily basis

  • 4 favorite foods

chicken enchiladas
macaroni and cheese
peanut butter fudge
Pei Wei Dan Dan noodles

  • 4 Places I would rather be

at a spa
on a beach
travelling with Adventure Guy almost anywhere


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One response to “4 Things Meme

  1. addittothelist

    We just got out first Pei Wei in my smallish town. I will try the Dan Dan noodles in your honor my next visit.

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