The Weekend Awaits

I am spending the weekend alone.  And I have earned it.  As I mentioned in my last post about the great salt map project, Adventure Guy has taken the children to Washington D. C. with him.  They left early this morning and will be back late Monday.  Adventure Guy is running the Marine Corps marathon on Sunday.  His cousin and her husband who live in the D. C. suburbs have been nice enough not only to open their home to our invading horde of kids but have also made arrangements for them to do the evening monument tour tonight as well as to go to the Spy Museum and the Smithsonian, all high on the kids’ list of things to see. 

Inquiring minds may want to know why I didn’t jet off with them this morning.  I would have loved to join the trip, but I have a big work event Saturday night, and I didn’t think my first year in my new position was the time to bow out.  Also, since Adventure Guy has relatives there, we’ve been to D. C. before and will likely go again.  I do regret not being there with Soccer Boy this time, though, as it’s the first time he’ll actually remember the trip. 

All that being said, the fact that I have two full days to do whatever I want to and four full days of not having to take anyone to anywhere is almost inconceivable at this stage in my life.  After I drop off dinner for my friends with the new baby tonight, I’m probably going to catch a movie with Best Friend and her husband who were nice enough to invite me along when they heard I was on my own for the evening.  Tomorrow I have no plans other than the evening work event.  I’m going to sleep late then read and work on my scrapbooks.  Sunday I intend to do exactly the same thing, though I will also need to clean up Soccer Boy’s room a bit.  On Monday, we’ll begin hosting one of the teachers who is here on All-American High School’s exchange program with a school in China.  He’d probably like a place to stay that doesn’t have action figures and random pieces of clothing strewn about.  But other than that, the weekend is mine, all mine.  In some ways the anticipation is almost as sweet as the actual time alone.  But sweet as it is, I’m ready to stop anticipating and start relaxing, and since it’s after 5:00 p.m., I’m headed for the weekend!



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2 responses to “The Weekend Awaits

  1. I’m glad to hear that I’m not weird …. well, maybe I am weird … but I’m not the only person in the world who enjoys being ALONE once in a while. I’m all alone and have got my house all to myself today. I’m savoring it. Molly is here with me, but she doesn’t talk much, so she doesn’t bother me. And Molly doesn’t have any opinions on what we should be doing when. She lets me totally call the shots, except for when she occasionally needs to go out for a walk or be fed. Tomorrow I drive up to visit Princess Dolly and her Young Prince.

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