Happy Fall, Ya’ll

pumkin-tower.jpgFall Break is a tradition here in Suburbia and the surrounding area that I wasn’t familiar with growing up in Texas.  We had Spring Break but no Fall Break while I was growing up.  And may I say, I have become quite a fan? 

Fall Break for the kids began yesterday.  Teachers in All-American Public Schools worked extra time on Tuesday evening for parent conferences and then for a half day on Wednesday.  Adventure Guy and I went to conferences for Soccer Boy and Gym Girl before heading into work yesterday morning.  Things were very quiet around my place once all the school sites shut down at noon, increasing my anticipation of my own break today and tomorrow.  I decided to take a couple of vacation days to hang out with the kids.

This morning was heaven, providing me with the opportunity to sleep late. Travel and early soccer games have kept me from enjoying my usual Saturday morning sleep-ins lately.  I love that all my kids are now old enough to allow for this.  Neither Adventure Guy nor I are morning people, and the baby and toddler years with 6:00 a.m. weekend wakeup calls were tough for us.

Once we were all up, Soccer Boy and I made pancakes, officially kicking off our vacation.  We then went to the nursery to select pumpkins for decorating and carving as well as our traditional fall decorations:  hay bale, corn stalks, mums.  We went home to drop off our decorating supplies, and all of us worked together to create the pumpkin topiary in the picture above as well as the fall arrangement at the end of the post.  It really feels like fall around here now!

After all of our decorating fun, I could no longer put off a trip to the grocery store.  It’s always dangerous to take all three kids with me, but we managed to get in and out without too much damage in extra purchases.  We are, however, quite stocked in the Halloween candy department now.  We also bought cupcake supplies, and the girls are busy making some lovely Halloween cupcakes as I type.

We’ve got very low-key plans for the rest of break as well.  Tonight we’ll all go to the All-American High football game.  Tomorrow, Gym Girl leaves early (no sleeping in for me then!) to go to Global Village.  She’ll be there Friday and Saturday, experiencing what it’s like to live in a third world country. The 5th and 6th graders at our church have been raising money to contribute to the Heifer Project which sponsors the Global Gateway experience.  It should be interesting to hear her reactions when she returns home on Saturday.  It’s so easy to forget how privileged we are.  It’s also easy to get accustomed to indoor toilets, something that won’t be available at the village!

And, now, I’m going to wrap this up so that I can watch my friend Alto2 on Jeopardy.  She did such a great job of keeping the results of her July match under wraps that it really upped the anticipation factor. I’m thrilled to finally get to see her in action!




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4 responses to “Happy Fall, Ya’ll

  1. Adorable decorating! I love it!

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