Soccer Boy Saves The Day

After a late night spent watching the homecoming festivities and football game at All-American High, we rose while it was still dark this morning to make it to Soccer Boy’s 8:00 a.m. game.  Soccer Boy’s team has been shelling the opposition most of the season, with only one game that was even competitive so far this fall.  I knew from Adventure Guy’s scouting that the team this morning was the one to beat.  They had likewise been rolling through their opponents with seemingly little effort.

My parents are visiting for the weekend, and good sports that they are, made the early morning trek with me to the soccer fields.  I had warned them it would likely be a challenging game.  We huddled in the cold morning air with the other parents along the sideline, watching the warmups.  I realized that Soccer Boy had left his Gatorade with me, so I walked it across the field the give it to him, passing one of the other team’s coaches along the way.  Being the good sport that I am, especially in light of the fact that this is U9 non-competitive soccer, I said, “Good morning.  How are you?”  He glanced my way and chuckled derisively in my general direction.  Essentially, his answer in no words at all was, “You don’t know what you’re up against.”

Except that we did.  The strength of our team is that, while we certainly have some talented players, the boys play as a real team.  They hold position; they pass; they work together.  I attribute this to the strength of Adventure Guy’s coaching, though he tends to shrug those compliments off.  The other team has two star players that they all depend on, and they did not do a good job of playing positions.  I found it quite interesting to watch the coach melt down as the game progressed. 

Most of the game was played at our end of the field, and we had numerous shots on goal.  The combination of some misses and the great play of the other goalie let to our being shut out, though, for much of the first half.  The other team had a breakaway shot, and we were down by one.  Then Soccer Boy played his position perfectly, setting himself up to score on a pass from another player.  We were tied 2-2 at half.  The game stayed tight; our goalie saved two goals, and we scored with about ten minutes left to go ahead 3-2.  We were able to hold there to win, clearly shocking the other team and coaches who obviously weren’t expecting any challenge.  It was a great feeling, and I was so proud of Soccer Boy for  playing hard and making the play when it counted. 

After the game, we came home to pick up the girls.  Dancer Girl and her Odyssey of the Mind team practiced this morning for a bit, and then we all went out to a local BBQ contest where Adventure Guy and some friends competed this weekend.  He was out all last night and most of today.  We are now the proud owners of several pounds of leftover brisket and what could only be called a “mess ‘o ribs.”  At least I know what’s for dinner tonight.

Once we were home, my mother, being the good grandmother she is, took the kids shopping a the mall while my dad and I watched Texas A & M embarrass themselves in the loss to Texas Tech.  It’s going to be a long, long season for Aggie fans.

And now, I’m adjourning to get back to the piles and piles of laundry that somehow have built up while I was out of town last week.  Where’s the laundry fairy when you need her?



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2 responses to “Soccer Boy Saves The Day

  1. ramblingmom

    MAN I wish I lived closer — I’d invite myself to dinner.

    As for the laundry fairy — all I know is that she’s not over here washing the floors.

  2. tpgoddess0103

    If you find that laundry fairy – send her here next! Given that I only wash for me and SportsBoy (who is only here every other week), I would like to know how so many loads have piled up!! Ah well. Guess it will be the traditional NFL Sunday games on TV while I deal with it.

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