Home Sweet Suburbia

My plane touched down at 5:30 p.m. (fifteen minutes early I might add) this evening bringing to a fine conclusion the fabulous girls’ weekend I had with the August Moms in San Antonio.  Who would have thought that a news article in the Houston Chronicle in November of 1995 would have led to friendships that would become so meaningful to me?  It was then that I read about a listserve for expectant mothers who were due in August of 1996.  The “list” had emerged from an idea one expectant dad had to provide his wife with a group of fellow women to connect with virtually during her pregnancy.  More women wanted similar lists, and it grew until eventually they were established for each month of the year and then later taken over by the iparenting website.  But back in the fall of ’95, I was just excited by the idea of visiting online with others who were at the same stage of pregnancy. 

While our numbers have ebbed and flowed over the years, we still have a strong community of moms, now debating pre-teen cell phone ownership rather than the best model of breast pump to purchase.  This is the first reunion I’ve made it to since 2004 because of work commitments over the past few years, and I’m so happy I made it a priority to get away this year.  I saw the Alamo, had a margarita on the Riverwalk, and ate more than my fill of TexMex food.  And I’m already looking forward to next year’s reunion, which according to our alternating location schedule will be held somewhere on the west coast.

I arrived home just in time to pick up Gym Girl from practice.  We then visited Best Friend and her family to catch up both on my trip and their recent 15th anniversary cruise before heading to pick up Dancer Girl from her ballet class and then meet Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy at the local Thai place for dinner after their soccer practice.  Yep, I’m home!



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2 responses to “Home Sweet Suburbia

  1. WHAT — you went out for Thai food?? You didn’t go out for Mexican?? I thought you’d want that after our complete lack of Mexican food all weekend. :^)

  2. tpgoddess0103

    I was not kidding about my post-reunion eating plans. All veggies and salads so far. Thai sounds amazing…hmm…

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