All By Myself…I’m All By Myself

I am sitting in an easy chair, feet propped up on a comfy ottoman all by myself in a Nashville hotel room.  While I’ll admit this is less of a treat than it would have been even a few years ago when the kids were younger, it’s still a pretty rare occasion that I have no one to corral other than myself.

I flew out yesterday afternoon.  My mother-in-law provided some coverage with the kids yesterday evening until Adventure Guy got home from his race.  The race which was evidently very, very hard.  He took today off for good measure, and I’m glad he did.  He still sounded exhausted when I spoke to him tonight on the phone.  Being up for two days straight will do that to you.

Here in Nashville I’m attending what is essentially a focus group event.  It brings together academicians with practitioners from the business, healthcare, and education fields.  We met in the summer of 2006 to outline a research agenda, and now the higher ed people who have been doing the research are reporting on their progress thus far.  It’s interesting and gives me a chance to interact with people outside of education, which I believe is critical for keeping a perspective on our ultimate goal of preparing students to be productive citizens. 

This was the first time I’ve attended one of these sessions since I took my new position, and it’s been a positive experience.  My predecessor was well-respected in this field, and I know there was some curiosity among the group as to how I’d fare and what my knowledge base would be.  While I still have a lot to learn, this particular effort was one I was already involved in when I was still at All-American High, so at least I’m not totally in the dark.  I had a mini-presentation this afternoon that went well, so I’m happy.

Oh, and speaking of happy, tonight one of the business partners treated everyone to dinner at Stockyard Restaurant. When I travel, I enjoy eating at restaurants that I can’t find just anywhere.  This one is definitely a Nashville original.  The food was good, though I’ll say I’ve had steaks just as good elsewhere, but the service was great. I’d have to rank the salad, wine, and dessert in the “great” category too.  I think I’m just spoiled as far as steak goes both since Adventure Guy makes a fabulous T-bone steak and because I grew up in Texas where a good steak is just something one takes for granted.

Now that I’m back at the hotel, I’ve caught up on my email from work and my blog reading and writing (see, it was worth the Internet fee the hotel charges), and I am now off to my comfy bed where I will read for a while and then be guaranteed an nice, uninterrupted night’s sleep.  Zzzzzz……..



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2 responses to “All By Myself…I’m All By Myself

  1. ramblingmom

    If you WANT, LP and I can take turns waking you at night in San Antonio, just to make you feel at home.

    (as *IF* I’d want to interrupt *MY* sleep just to interrupt *YOUR* sleep — I’m thinking not)

  2. Alto2

    Are you going from Nashville to San Antonio?

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