Sporty In Suburbia


Each year fall sweeps into Suburbia via bright blue sunny skies and a hint of a cool breeze.  Today’s perfect weather featured highs in the low 80s, well-suited for our plethora of sporting events as well as my potted plants.  Though it will be time to replace my summer plantings with mums and pansies soon, for now, my current flowers are enjoying a revival thanks to the reprieve from summer’s heat.

This weekend Adventure Guy, true to his name, is competing in a 36-hour race in Missouri.  He and his teammates took off yesterday morning and will come home Monday.  The race will end tomorrow, but they are planning to get some well-deserved sleep before driving home. 

So far, my stint as a single parent has been busy but fairly smooth.  I am thankful that, for once, the kids’ activities didn’t completely conflict with one another.  Last night we went to watch the All-American High football team play.  Since their unfortunate loss to our cross-town rival, the team has rallied and is busily blowing out their opponents on the way to what I expect will be a rematch with the infamous rivals in the state championship.  At the game, the girls enjoyed hanging out in their schools’ respective student sections while Soccer Boy and I viewed the game up close and personal from the sidelines.  I did make an appearance in the superintendent’s box as well, but I still prefer being down on the field.  It also gives me a nice change to visit with my friends from the high school.

Today, we continued our sporting activities with Soccer Boy’s game (his team in undefeated!) and a practice meet for Gym Girl.  Dancer Girl also had Odyssey of the Mind practice this morning.  I dropped her off, picked up Soccer Boy and watched his game, dropped him back at home and picked up Gym Girl, and then headed to her meet. 

Here’s Soccer Boy showing off some moves on the field.


And here’s Gym Girl on the bars.


The practice meet concluded our participatory athletic events, but it only seemed fitting, when the kids talked me into taking them to a matinee, for us to see The Game Plan.  The best thing I can say about this, the latest Disney offering, is that it kept my children occupied for two hours, occupied watching a predictable and minimally entertaining movie, but occupied nonetheless.

I am happy to report, however, that The Game Plan was not my final sporting experience of the day, since I’d hate to end on a low note.  After the movie and a run to the grocery store, I returned home and turned on the television to check the score from the Texas A & M game.  And I learned, not only did A & M manage to win today, but that The University of Texas also lost.  And anytime those two events happen, particularly on the same day, it’s a good thing!


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