Can I Do This For Work Too?

Today one of the August Moms sent a link to this video.  I loved how this woman managed to take care of  a whole day’s worth of child-related communication in a little over 3 minutes.

What I want to know now is whether or not I can get one of these for work.  After arriving at the office at 7:30 a.m. and getting back home at 7:30 p.m. this evening, I need some time saving devices!

This week is crazy with coordinating events for our consultant who’s in all week, planning for a symposium we’re hosting at the end of next week as well as getting ready for two trips, one for business and one for pleasure.  I leave Sunday for Nashville for a meeting that will last through Tuesday.  Then, I’ll come home, host the symposium on Thursday and Friday and fly out for San Antonio and the August Moms reunion on Friday afternoon.  I will have so earned my long weekend with friends!


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One response to “Can I Do This For Work Too?

  1. Honey — I think we’ve ALL earned that long weekend. You, me, our gal pals, and some margaritas. Sound like a plan to you?

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