Where Do I Start

The good, the bad, the throwing up….it’s been quite a weekend here in Suburbia. 

As I mentioned in my last post, Dancer Girl came home from school sick on Friday.  I suspected some sort of roving virus and didn’t worry too much since she wasn’t running fever and just seemed congested and tired.  She just rested on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, and I hoped she’d be feeling better by today.

The rest of the family went about their general business on Saturday:  soccer game, a little work, laundry.  Adventure Guy saw a movie, and I hung out and did some reading.  Then he and I went out to dinner, while the girls stayed home and Soccer Boy went to the dollar movies with a friend and his family. 

All was well when we got home except that Dancer Girl was still puny, her throat now bothering her even more than previously.  We put everyone to bed and turned in ourselves.  Then at 2:00 a.m. Soccer Boy arrived at our bedside crying and saying he’d thrown up.  Since he seems to feel fine today, I’m blaming too much buttered popcorn and candy at the movie.  I am in Adventure Guy’s debt since he took care of the cleanup while I settled Soccer Boy back into bed on the family room couch.

I had trouble getting back to sleep, which is unusual for me, and I tossed and turned until around 3:00 a.m.  When my alarm went off this morning for church, Adventure Guy suggested we just go to Sunday School at eleven instead.  I would have skipped it all together, but today was the last of the lessons we’ve been teaching, so we couldn’t bail on class today.

We got through our lesson fine thanks to the caffeine buzz from the 32 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper we picked up on the way to church.  We have a great class, so it was well worth making it in this morning.  This afternoon I finished up meal preparation for a family from class who has a new baby, then Adventure Guy and I ran some errands.

I am looking forward to several television premiers tonight and a MUCH more restful night sleep.  I need it for the busy week that’s coming up.


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