Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Here’s hoping that Saturday night will indeed be “alright” but I’m all for straying away from the Saturday Night’s Alright lyrics in regard to fighting.  I feel as if we’re coming up for air a bit after this week.  It was busy in unexpected ways. 

Gym Girl was away most of the week at her school’s 6th grade environmental camp.  It seemed quiet around the house without her, though I’ll admit I enjoyed the break from our constant practice pickup schedule.  Through in dual Wednesday night commitments for Adventure Guy and me and Dancer Girl’s National Junior Honor Society induction on Thursday night, though, and the week I was expecting to be fairly quiet suddenly got a bit hectic. 

Work is also busy as I prepare for next week’s visit by a consultant we use for teacher professional development each year as well as a symposium All-American Public Schools is hosting for other school districts the first week of October.  Friday morning, I had just gotten settled in when Dancer Girl called from school.  She’s got some kind of virus and is still not 100%. Then on Friday it seemed like everyone finally decided to ask all their questions about next week’s training just as I had shifted into looking forward to the weekend.  I didn’t get away until almost six and that was only because I knew I wouldn’t get to the grocery store and home in time for dinner if I didn’t just shut down and leave. As a result, I’m at work now, trying to do some catch up (and it’s obvious how well that’s going!).

Last night we vegged out on the couch, reading and watching football.  The All-American High game was away, and it was nice not to have anywhere we really needed to be.  Tonight we may go out and catch a movie, or we may just watch some more football!  I constantly remind Adventure Guy that he is lucky he has a wife who actually enjoys watching football–hey, I grew up in Texas, it’s practically a requirement for state citizenship.

So far today I’ve gotten the laundry started, watched Soccer Boy’s team slam their opponents 11-0, and sat interminably at McDonald’s waiting for our order with no apparent reason for the delay.  And, now, I really do have to get some work done so that I can head back home for that football watching I mentioned earlier.


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