And The Rains Came Down

Last night’s game was everything a football fan could hope for–big plays, spirted fans, a rally to tie the game, and a one point win in overtime.  Unfortunately, All-American High was not the benefactor of that rally.  The boys were heartbroken.  It’s a sad day in Suburbia this morning, the reality of having lost to our cross town rivals is sinking in with the community just as it did for those on the field in the final seconds of the game.  Appropriately, the forcasted rain, which had held off throughout the game, came down hard as soon as it ended.  Sheets of water that wouldn’t wash away the tears I saw, from the big lineman, to the girl with her sparkly face paint, to the coach’s little boy on the sidelines.

This morning we engaged in another traditional fall experience in Suburbia, the start of soccer season.  We rose at 7:00 a.m., checked the club’s website for cancellations, and headed out to watch Soccer Boy’s team.  Yes, in the rain.  It wasn’t too bad at the beginning, but I was thankful for the shelter of another family’s tent by about five minutes into the game.  We played around 15 minutes and were ahead 3-1 by the time that the game was called due to lightening.  The good news is that we got the boys off the field.  The bad news is that we’ll be making that game up even after, in a fit of mommy guilt, I dragged myself out of bed after a late night and stood in the rain for soccer game version 1.

I am hoping the day will take a turn for the better.  I’ve got the laundry started.  After I finish procrastinating by way of blogging, I will finish up my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow, go to the grocery store, and then attend Dancer Girl’s Odyssey of the Mind team parent meeting.  Adventure Guy has been working on a brisket since last night, and we’re having guests over this evening for barbecue, football watching, and maybe some board games.  Fortunately, they are bringing along some of the food, so all I’m responsible for now is making baked beans and picking up some bread from our favorite organic bread company.  It’s a splurge, but my guests are worth it (says she who has ignored points now for one full week.)

So, with all that on tap, I have to get to work. 

Signing off, I’m…..Sleepy in Suburbia.



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