In The Air

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord

The lyrics wafted across the parking lot from the football field.  As I glanced over at the stadium, I saw boys running formations, or huddled with coaches, or deep in concentration.  Because tomorrow night is THE big game. It’s the game they wait their whole lives for, the moment Phil Collins must have been speaking of back in 1981 when he penned his lyrics to In The Air Tonight.

Or maybe not, as far as the Phil Collins thing is concerned.  But the eerie feel of that song is perfect for the eve of the game, the last practice.  The players are girding their loins, readying themselves physically and mentally, preparing themselves for the competition they’ve been looking forward to since they donned their respective school colors and strapped on a football helmet back in first or second grade.  Yes.  It’s high school football.  Tomorrow there will be a pep rally, tailgating, and body painting.  And by ten o’clock it’s likely we’ll know who the winner of this year’s big game is…at least until December when it’s likely these two teams will meet again in the state championship game. 

While I’ve left my position as a principal at All-American High, fortunately my new position still allows me ready access to all the excitement surrounding this game.  Adventure Guy and I will be setting out tomorrow evening, sideline passes in hand, to view all the action up close and personal.

And like the boys, I can feel a great game coming on the wind.



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4 responses to “In The Air

  1. ramblingmom

    LOVE the look.

    Enjoy the game tomorrow.

    This year, I get to experience college football in all it’s (its?) glory. Niece#3 is going to college at a small private college in *MY* town and she’s on the cheer squad. So I’m sure I’ll see my share of football and basketball games.

    I don’t get sideline passes but football tickets are $5 (or $6) and basketball tickets are $6 (or $5) so I’m not going to complain too much (and did I mention that it’s in MY town — so it’s only like a 10 minute drive tops and since I know the “lay of the land” I also know where to really park instead of where they TELL you to park).

  2. Alto2

    I love this Theme. I was very tempted by it, too. I just wanted to be able to add my own image at the top … or so I thought. I’m so easily swayed, but I’ll stick with my design (for now).

  3. tpgoddess0103

    OK, I like this theme too! But then, my tastes in presentation vary as I have warned everyone and I may just change my blog look as often as I change other decor items around my house ;->

    I am so with you on the anticipation of Friday Night Lights! Torrey Pines had it’s home opener last week and the Pop Warner kids (Sportsboy) got to be part of the pregame ceremonies. I can tell you right now that he is already dreaming of being one of those big boys on a Friday night in the future. I hope that your team does as well as ours (61-0) with no injuries. Have a great time!

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