Repeat After Me

Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. I have officially been in my new job now for two days. I’m a bit overwhelmed because I’ve been doing both jobs since the Board of Education confirmed my appointment to the assistant superintendent position July 9th. Invariably, if I was at the high school, I was needed at the central office, and vice versa. But now, my replacement is hired, and I’ve done some transitional work with him this week. I’ll be available tomorrow as well, and then I’m going to concentrate primarily on the new job. Of course, I’ll always be open to answering questions that come up, but I’m not going to schedule time in my old office after tomorrow. In fact, I moved out the last of my things this afternoon, and I’m almost settled in the new space.

Getting settled involved transferring all the already-scheduled meetings and to-do’s. I now have 59 new things “to do” than I did at the beginning of the week. Wow. All I can say is that my predecessor was very organized, and I appreciate the detail that she left me about what needs to be tackled as I make this transition.

On other fronts, I am continuing with my Best Life program and counting my points on Weight Watchers. I’m doing well on avoiding fried foods, increasing my fruit and vegetable intake, and eating whole grains. I’m still having more of a challenge with eliminating soft drinks. I’m doing okay at limiting them. In the two weeks I’ve been diligent, I’ve lost four pounds. I’m particularly pleased about that because I’ve had several “events” that I’ve been able to manage while staying within my points. I’ve got another 8-12 pounds to go to goal. Even though I’ve lost at two pounds per week so far, I don’t expect that to keep up. In past experience, I slow down to between half a pound and a pound per week eventually, so I expect it will take me about ten more weeks to get to my goal. I’m hoping reporting my progress here will help keep me on track until I get there.

Also, as my summer winds down, I’m starting to look forward to a couple of trips I have planned for fall. Over Labor Day, the whole family is taking a road trip to Texas for a long weekend of college football at Adventure Guy’s and my alma mater. Then in October, I’ll be attending the annual August Mom’s reunion in San Antonio. I can’t wait to see everyone there since I haven’t been able to make it the last few years.

I seem to be rambling now, so I’ll sign off for the evening. More later on the big weekend…Gym Girl’s birthday party on Saturday, and a Sunday School class get together at our house on Sunday.


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