That’s the number of miles the “trip” setting of my odometer registered as Adventure Guy and I pulled into the driveway this evening upon our return to Suburbia. Since we took off last Tuesday, we’ve visited two different cities, learned one new time-saving route, eaten at two of our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants, endured three days of pouring rain and threatened flooding, caught zero fish on a half-day Gulf fishing expedition, spent quality time with 14 relatives hailing from three states, and divested ourselves of all three children for the rest of the week. Ahh, vacation!

Swim Chick and Gym Girl are attending a week-long Sea Camp at Texas A & M Galveston. No, we really don’t farm out the kids for the entire summer, but my father-in-law proposed sending them this year, and the timing was great with our 4th of July visit. We were able to leave them with him to take care of drop off on Saturday, and they will fly home next Sunday. Gym Girl is in the Adventures of Marine Biology session, and Swim Chick is taking Coastal Photography. We’ve sent her off with our digital camera and all the accessories and are hopeful she’ll be able to teach us a thing or two when she gets back.

While the girls were spending the week away, it worked out perfectly for Soccer Boy to have his week at what we fondly refer to as “Camp Nonnie and Grandy.” The kids spend a week with my parents each summer, and they like to divide it up so that Soccer Boy goes one week and the girls go another. That way my parents can cater to the different interests that the kids have at this point. On Soccer Boy’s agenda for the week were playing lunar golf, swimming at my grandmother’s house, a trip to the Star Wars exhibit in Ft. Worth, a children’s play, and lots of interaction with his three cousins.

Since the kids are gone, Adventure Guy and I are going to take advantage of the time to get caught up at work after being out on vacation. We’ve also both vowed to get back into our workout schedules and to clean up the game room while the kids are gone and can’t protest about the stuff we want to get rid of. Yep, we really know how to have fun!



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2 responses to “1236.8

  1. Rambling Mom

    The exhibit Soccer Boy is going to see is coming here after it leaves Texas. I can’t WAIT to see it.

  2. MLL

    Heck, my DREAM is to farm out my kids all summer……
    I’m working on it!

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