You’ve Gotta Love The One-Day Work Week

Today was both my Monday and my Friday this week. Tomorrow we are leaving for Galveston, Texas, where Adventure Guy’s dad has a beach house. We’ll do all the 4th of July celebrating at his place and then drive back up through my hometown to visit with my brother and his wife who are coming in from California.

The kids are looking forward to seeing everyone, and I am looking forward to that and a few more days off. This week is always pretty dead at work, so it’s a good time to be away. When I get back, I need to wrap up hiring and finalize our technology order. I’ll blink and it will be time for new teachers to report.

I’m not sure how much updating I’ll be able to do while I’m in Galveston, but I’ll post for sure when I get to my parents’ house. Happy 4th of July to everyone!


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  1. Alto2

    I love Galveston. The beach is beautiful, and there is great architecture everywhere. It always makes me think of Glenn Campbell’s song, “Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin'” Have a great week.

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