Little Lady, Big Apple

This weekend was such a nice, relaxed one that I managed to finish my new book, Little Lady, Big Apple. This sequel to The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne left me looking forward to the next installment of the series, which is conveniently previewed online. The first novel follows Melissa Romney-Jones, the daughter of a British MP, as she establishes her agency, a business designed to provide “all the girlfriend services a man could need except for sex and laundry” to British bachelors in need of a woman’s touch, and then meets the man of her dreams in the line of duty. Little Lady, Big Apple picks up where the original book ends and traces the new couple’s developing relationship as Melissa follows her boyfriend to New York and struggles with his desire for her to change the nature of the agency.

Both novels are fast-paced and fun and come off as a fresh take on the chick lit genre. I will admit that I expected a different turn of events at the end of this novel, and I’m not sure that my predictions won’t come to pass in the next book. I’m not going to mention my suspicions here in order to preserve the suspense for anyone who decides to pick up these two novels. A move I highly recommend, by the way!

I am now turning back to nonfiction in my reading. I think it’s time for something that requires a bit more thought! More to come on that in later posts.


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