Saturday in Suburbia

Life is better on Saturdays. I am looking forward to this weekend since I was out of town and on duty last weekend. Even though I have several things to do around the house and some kid-related events, this weekend is looking fairly relaxing.

Adventure Guy and I enjoyed the party last night. While I was in Florida I found a cute top to wear at the BCBG outlet. My friend loaned me some fun jewelry that went great with it, so I was set with a new outfit with very little expense. Thanks to my required appearances at homecoming dances and proms, I already had the black tuxedo pants and dressy shoes to complete the outfit! So, suitably attired, I headed off to the party. We bid on some of the silent auction things but didn’t win any, which was fine. Dinner featured courses by three different local chefs and was far better than the usual banquet fare, and the bartender was not skimping on the alcohol in the drinks. I’ll admit I’m feeling the effects of that last bit of information this morning.

I’m going to catch up with more of the blogs I enjoy reading then go out to buy a baby gift to take to the shower for Gym Girl’s coach. Adventure Guy, Gym Girl, and Soccer Boy are headed to Sam’s, and Swim Chick is still asleep upstairs. At some point, I’ll do laundry. The two younger kids need to make Valentine’s Day boxes, so we’ll get supplies for that and buy Valentines, probably on Sunday. This afternoon Gym Girl and I are driving over to spend the night before her meet Sunday morning. Fortunately, it’s only about a two-hour trip, and we’ll be back Sunday afternoon.


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