Party, Party!

As of 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night, I will have been a mother for 13 years, and Swim Chick will have officially entered teenhood. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we hosted her birthday party tonight, a week later than planned because of her collar bone injury last week.

I picked the girls up this afternoon and took them to California Nails where the nice ladies promptly took wonderful care of our less than beautiful winter feet. The results are displayed in the picture above. The girls all had fun picking out their colors. I think reading the names on the OPI polishes is half the fun of getting a pedicure. Swim Chick chose Senorita Rosalita. Of course, when I asked her what the name of her polish was, she turned the bottle over and said, “It’s called ‘Peel Here.'” Uh, not exactly! That got the girls giggling as did the tickly ice scrub portion of the procedure. I couldn’t resist joining in the fun, and now my toes and feet are also much improved.

After our pedicures, I brought the girls to our house so that they could get ready for dinner. Swim Chick had decided that she wanted to dress up for our trip to Shogun, one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook your food at the table. They got all dolled up in their fancy dresses and did their hair and makeup amidst much more giggling. Swim Chick then opened her gifts, and we headed to dinner. After dinner we came home for dessert, chocolate mousse in chocolate cups. Swim Chick had decided those would be more fun than a cake since the party was just for her three closest friends.

I’ll write more on my thoughts and feelings about Swim Cheek becoming a teenager tomorrow, but I will say that it’s so interesting to see these girls hover between childhood and young adulthood. One moment they are so grown up and the next so childlike. One incident tonight just summed it up perfectly. I dropped the girls off at the door to the restaurant before I went to park. As they slid out of the car in their little cocktail dresses and high heels, I heard one of them say, “Uh oh, now I’ll have to fix that wedgie!”

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