And So It Goes…Day Five of Our Captivity

Note at left the view from my study window. All that white stuff looks like a light snowfall, right? Nope, it’s ice and sleet. We’ve had only a few flakes of snow since Friday when this storm moved in. Couple that with temperatures ranging from just above zero to the mid twenties, and you’ve got streets that are hard to clear. I’ve just gotten word that we’ll be out of school again tomorrow. It’s bad enough this time that they’ve asked all employees to stay home until school is back in session. Typically, 12-month employees (central office staff, site principals, maintenance) are expected to come in on snow days or use vacation days.
We did let Swim Chick go to a sleepover last night at her friend’s house. That meant I had to venture out today to go pick her up. Gym Girl’s coach also called a practice today. Heaven forbid the girls miss gym for three days in a row! Fortunately, I was able to combine the trips so that I didn’t have to go out multiple times. Of course, I do have to go back out and get Gym Girl when she’s finished. Once I make it out of the neighborhood, the main streets are not too bad. The plows and sand trucks are out in force. And for once people seem to be driving carefully. Now that I’ve been out, I’ve also been able to determine the best route for getting to the gym. We have two options, and naturally I chose the option with the worst streets on the way there. Logically, it should have been the best option because the other route comes complete with a huge hill, but that street had been completely plowed and sanded while the route I chose was very icy, almost as bad as the neighborhood streets.
Since we were out anyway, I told the kids we’d get some lunch since they were having fast food withdrawal. What, no fried, fat and calorie laden food since last Wednesday?! It’s amazing they’ve lasted so long. The scene at Taco Bueno would have been a great one for use in their commercials. Ice everywhere, the parking lot uncleared, and five cars in line at the drive thru. Gotta have that Bueno!
With the news that we’ll be out another day, I have managed to continue procrastinating about the housework and my last project I need to do for work. Though I am practicing my delegation skills by having the children working on cleaning their rooms. They’ll think twice about complaining about being bored again! Now, on to reading my new book and watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters on DVR.

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